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Import the files into a Visual Studio Solution for a working copy of the tools, You will then have access to an example of the code used to interact with our system.

These Webservices are provided so that your application can interact with The Haberman Educational Foundation's Star Teacher Pre-Screener. The web services provided will let you create an account, provide a seamless login so that users can obtain instant access to our system from yours and collect the users scores once the user has completed the Pre-Screener. This tool is provided to help with that integration.

All of the encryptions used to encrypt and decrypt the strings passed to these webservices can be found by clicking on the links to the left under the code heading . These instructions and this tool are not provided as an end to all means for the integration but only as a method to demostrate how to communicate with our system.

Partner Account
If an institution wants there application to be integrated with the Star Teacher Pre-Screener, a master account will be set up within the Star Teacher Pre-Screener Application. This account will hold the variables that will allow communication between the two systems to occur. A Partner Id and Password will be created that will need to be used to validate the account. Once the Partner Account has been set up, integration can be completed. 

The Process
The Partner initalizes a user in our system by passing required user information through the web service LoadApplicant. Upon Success the Partner should provide a link that automartically logs a user in to the Star Teacher Pre-Screener. Once the user has completed the test, the Partner can call the user Results by passing required user information through the web service UserResults() to retrieve the scores.

Process Flow
1 Load Applicant()
2 VirtualLogin()
3 UserResults()

Click on the links to the left under the Code Heading to get detailed information on each web service. Download for a working copy of the tools. In order to get started with your development, please contact us to set up a development account. Possible Errors that can be returned can be view by clicking on each process step under Testing Tools.

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