Most of the water obtained from the natural sources is loaded with organic substances which could be having disastrous effects on your health. this means that you should ensure that you only consume water when it is at its best state. Contaminated water is associated with unpleasant taste and odour which makes it not fit for consumption. Ore or clean water should have a natural taste and odourless. The following are the main methods used in purifying water.

  • Disinfection
  • Distillation
  • Boiling

Water purification

This is the process involves in removing the undesirable substances from water. The goal of purification process is to produce water which is fit for consumption. Even though clear water appears to be very clean, it is imperative to ensure that it is safe and pure.


Boiling is considered as one of the simplest methods of ensuring that water is clean for consumption. This  method is very easy, and it is widely used in many homes. It involves boiling water in a clean container for a few minutes. The boiled water is then cooled before consumption. This method is very effective in killing parasites and germs.



This is the process of purifying water by use of topical cleaning agents with the aim of destroying the microorganisms. One should be extremely careful when choosing the cleaning agents. There are some cleaning agents which are associated with certain side effects, and they should be avoided. Avoid using bleaches which have scents. Again you are advised to use the right amount of bleach when disinfecting water. The bleaching agent used should not add any smell to the purified water.


This is a method which involves from sediments and dirt particles from water. This is done by draining water. It involves boiling water to produce vapour which is then trapped cool. However, this method is not recommended as some impurities particles can remain behind even after distillation. Distillation method cannot be used in purifying water completely.


Sometimes the water produced through purification methods might not be drinkable. The purity of water is mainly defined by the quantity of minerals and salts including the dissolved gases. Unpleasant taste and odor can occur when minerals and salts are not balanced. Filtration can remove these components. One of the best options used in restoring the correct balance of salts and minerals is using activated carbon.

The methods discussed above are meant to ensure that the liquid consumed is clean. You should always pay attention to any liquid which you are drinking to avoid the risks associated with contaminated fluids.