Everything to Know Before Taking Ligandrol

Ligandrol is a SARM that is also known as LGD-4033 and Anabolicum. It is well-known for muscle mass building properties that do not come with common harmful side effects of steroids. This is what makes it quite popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

How Does it Work?

LGD-4033 attaches itself to selective androgenic receptors in the bone and muscle tissue. That allows it to avoid contact with tissues of body organs like colon, heart, sebaceous glands, and prostate. The good thing about this SARM is that it does not come with side effects associated with steroids that tend to meddle with major organs through the tissues.

When you take ligandrol, you will get a feeling that is quite similar to cycling for the first time. That is because it makes your body recompense. Moreover, it is the closest thing you get to testosterone without the harmful side effects. You should note that taking Ligandrol on a calorie surplus diet may result in slight water retention. Fortunately, these effects are quick to subside.


This is the perfect supplement you need to take you through a plateau. Most users of this drug have reported increased cardiovascular strength and lifting strength in a few weeks.

Fat Loss

LGD can help you to build muscle mass by combating muscle breakdown rather than increasing the storage capacity of fat cells. The fact that muscle tissue is more difficult to maintain as compared to fat, the body starts to burn fat for it to continue functioning.

Great Feeling

An important benefit of using Ligandrol is that it offers you adequate energy and excitement to take you throughout the day. You do not have to go through the ups and downs that are associated with certain drugs. In this way, you will feel positive all day.


You are bound to maintain fuller, harder, and venous muscles for an extended period when you use Ligandrol. The results are quite similar to what you might experience if you were to cycle with Anavar or Dianabol, both of which are popular SARMs.

Ligandrol Dosage

The half-life of this SARM is estimated to be 30 hours. Therefore, it is advisable to take it once per day at dosages of 8 mg to 22 mg. In this way, you can get the best results.