Ways To Use Personalized Bottled Water For Business Branding

Business owners often need to come up with creative ways of promoting their products and services to stay fresh and relevant in the industry. Irrespective of the size of the business/organization there’s so much to benefit by using personalized bottled water as a means of branding the business.

Personalized bottled water displays information about the business in the label instead of the bottled water company’s information. Your business’s name, logo, photo, and vital information are right there for anyone who comes across the bottle to see.

Giving your potential clients water shows that you care about them by keeping them hydrated while still serving as a mobile platform for branding and helping the business make a statement. Given these benefits, below creative ways as to how businesses can use personalized bottled water for marketing their business and growing their brand effectively.

Charity Events

Are there charity walks, runs, etc. in your community? This is a good opportunity to use personalized bottled water to let the world know about your business. By handing out the personalized bottled water to participants, you not only ensure that they stay hydrated but also get the name of the business out there.

Since the bottles have contact details such as phone number, address, and contact email potential clients will reach out to you with ease. Besides your company details, the bottles can also include fun facts about drinking water.

Reception Area Amenity

An impression is normally made within the first few seconds after the client enters your office and first impressions last. To give a good first impression to your clients, keep some personalized bottled water in the reception area where clients have quick access to. You should also ensure that the receptionist offers everyone a bottle before they seat.

Trade Shows

Trade shows can be hectic to maneuver, and people are bound to get thirsty. Use this opportunity and capture the attention of potential clients by giving personalized bottled water at your trade show booth. As they linger and enjoy the water, introduce them to your products and services. This gives is likely to help you achieve targeted sales leads.

Company Meetings

Whether it’s a board meeting, status updates, team building, or a strategy meeting, personalized bottled water makes the employees and clients feel welcome and comfortable. People like working with and for businesses where they feel comfortable and accepted.


When sponsoring events such as sports and clubs, handing out personalized bottled water to participants goes a long way in letting people know about your brand. Besides your business information, have names or pictures of the participating teams in the labels. It gives a personal touch to the teams while still putting your brand out there. People have a soft spot for brands which go an extra mile in supporting the teams and events they are fans of.

With all these benefits, you may be wondering, how do I get personalized bottled water for my business? All you need to do is look for a reliable, professional, and experienced company which custom labels bottled water to help you navigate the process.